Über das Buch

Almost everyone is shopping at Amazon – it is so convenient after all. The city centres become deserted, the streets get clogged and the trashcans spill over. The manufacturers of quality products are economically exploited, copied (Amazon itself produces cheaper anyways) and the concentration on all levels is rising perpetually. And worse: Alexa is listening to everything, worldwide in all living rooms, the world’s biggest retailer knows even the most intimate details of ours – and today it could already decide what it wants to sell us tomorrow – currently they are still asking us, but soon
it will arrive on its own. Amazon of course knows what we like to read and what we are all the time looking at on our Amazon screens, and where we close the book out of boredom – better take advantage of the situation and commission something more easily digestible and deliver it to the now fully dependent customer. There’s really only one thing left to say: “Shut up, Alexa!”